Taco Salad

Taco Salad is best for merienda or side dish. I have just known this dish/snack and to my surprise, it makes me crave for more! It’s quite easy to make only that if you make only a few, you’ll regret it in the long run because really, it’s very delicious. It’s that one food that makes your family or friends gather and have something to talk about. The crispy chips are so good to mix in to the salad, and the veggies taste so scrumptious mixed together with the tomato sauce. Feel free to try this recipe and add different veggies or flavor to your own ingredients. This salad can absolutely be modified depending on the demands of your taste buds. Come on and make one and let me know what y’all came up to. Enjoy

3 pieces garlic, minced
1 head onion, diced
½ kilo ground beef
2 medium cabbage, thinly sliced in strips
1 big white onion, diced
1 green bell pepper, diced
3 cucumber, diced
5 medium green tomatoes, diced
1 box cream cheese
1 box cheese, shredded
1 pack tomato sauce
1 pack tomato paste
1 pack Italian Spaghetti sauce
1 pack Mister Chips
taco mix

1. Gather all the cabbage, tomatoes, white onions, and bell pepper. Mix well and set aside.
2. On a frying pan. Sauté onion and garlic until golden brown. Add the ground beef; wait for a few minutes until beef turns brown. Remove excess fat from the beef.
3. Continue cooking and add the taco mix. Pour the tomato paste, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce. Simmer and boil the sauce for 5-8 minutes.
4. Add the cream cheese and half of the grated cheese. Wait for a minute of two.5. Pour all the sauce onto where the veggies are. Mix well.
6. Crush the Mister chips. Not too crushed, just enough to mix into the salad. You can also choose not to crush the chips, instead use the chips to spoon the salad. It works either ways though.
7. Upon serving, place on a platter and sprinkle with the grated cheese.
8. Dig in and enjoy!


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